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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

 Lil' Neighbors Corner!

"You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart." - Unknown 

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Welcome Lil' Neighbors!

~~Thanks for stopping by!  Yeah, you're on the right farm kids. So glad you found me buried up under all this hay.  Okay, by the way, did you see anything 'kinda weird happening out there any moooovement I need to be aware of, on MY farm?!  Kids, this aint no easy job, you know? Day in and day out trying to keep up with this here farm and all and all those crazy neighbors of mine, especially THAT farmer, old enough to know better!

~~For the life of me, I just can't seem to figure out why he allows his crazy animals to flock to my property!  You think it's the fertilizer I use?  You know that black, mushy, messy stuff!   Well, you get the idea, I guess?  Oh!!!  Enjoy the song)!

Aye Neighbor! Hello Mr. Neighbor!!!  No you can't neighboooors, not again!!!!! I worked hard to get my yard looking like this!

Parents Book: Storytime w/ your Neighborly Storyteller, "Ms. Sharyn" 

(For Lil Neighbors family occasions)


Parents, click here


"You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart." - Unknown 

 Lil' Neighbors Questionnaire:

  • Do you think the farmer was correct in how he/she handled their neighborly matters?

  • Would you have done things differently, if so, how and why?

  • If you could have called for help, who would you call and why? 

  • Were the neighbors considered irritants to each other, can you think of an example in your own life where someone bothered you when you warned them to stop? 

  • Do you have a favorite pet(s), if so, what is it ,and why is this pet your favorite? Does your pet have a name, how did it get that name?

  • Do you have a favorite fruit or vegetable, please explain why you like it or them?

  • How can neighbors or people get along better in life?

  • Was the farmer dishonest in any way, if so, what did he say or do wrong? 

  • Did the farmer say something to indicate being wrong?

  • Have you ever lived on a farm before or know of someone who does?

  • Are neighbors allowed to treat people with any type of disregard, like this farmer did?

  • Could you illustrate a picture(s) to demonstrate what you learnt from the song personally? 

  • Would you like to share your picture with us?

  • Did you have a favorite character, if so, what  or who was it?

  • Did you have a favorite animal sound that you liked, if so, what were they and why?

  • What moods were the farmers in on this particular day?

  • Parents: can  your child please share their comments/illustrations with me? I would love to share them on this site for all to see. (See an example below: Please include first name

  • or initials (only), age and location initials (Ex. , Micah, 6 yrs, Arizona) thank you!

Harvest Basket
 The Neighbors said...


"I love this!!! Sharing it with my nieces . Immediately!" -

"Hey! That's cute!!! - A , GA 

"It's Cool, I like it." SY, GA

"Love, love, love it!"
M & M - Florida


"Love it" -  GA 

"Wonderful, I love it!"  - Grace, GA

"I love it Mom!" - Kaylin, CO

"Very nice, love it!" - Lenora, GA

"That's what is happening in my garden!! Monkeys, birds and other are all eating in my garden!" Thank you!" M, Kenya, Africa

"I will be awaiting the video; I know its coming soon...xoxox" Jr., 


"This is Awesome" - Ps. Moses , GA


"Awww, so sweet, I love you so much Auntie Sharyn." - K, GA

"Oh my goodness, what a cute song!!!" G, GA

"Nice!" - F, GA


"Wow! That was awesome Sharyn. You've got a lot of talent and will go far." - M, GA

"This is Awesome!" - Anita, GA

"Girl , you got it going on! So cute!! Love the music! - N, GA

"Thank you Sharon, its a cute song!"  Q, GA

"Awesome, thank you, he's enjoying it!!!"  MS, GA


Yay!!! Great job! Blessings."  - S, GA

"Love it!" - Pat , GA

"...that's hilarious, that's great!" - I.V. Still, GA

"Nice beat, great song! Congrats! - Sonnet, GA

"Laughing hearts "  - M,  FL.

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